The Singular Solutions

If we could find the one solution, we wouldn’t have to think any more. Life would be bliss. Just apply the one solution every time and get the best results.

So read the book and do what it says.

More likely: let me tell you what the book means, and then do what I say.

What worked for me, in my place, during my time, in my situation, must work for everyone, everywhere, all of the time. So here’s the solution for you all.

This solution is what got me to where I am. When I think about it afterwards, it must have all been down to this. No random forces or lucky breaks involved.

Even between three and ten solutions are attractive. The top three things you need to know to live a better life … The seven habits of successful people … The top ten things to get you to the top …

But how boring if one solution solved everything. Even if there are three solutions, it’s a limited menu to choose from. Boredom would quickly set in.

Fortunately it’s not so. Just so much candy for an evolved brain that craves quick ways to figure out how to avoid sabre toothed tigers. Quick fixes for staying alive. Singular solutions are no different to sugar coated donuts.

And just as hard to resist.

In the modern world saturated with sugar, and messages, resistance is valuable. Don’t let the sugar in and avoid diabetes, heart disease. Stay trim and fit. Don’t let the seductive messages in and there’s no need to chase solutions … try this, try that.

Even better, when you look at what’s behind the messaging, the message volume can be cut down to a tenth. Weed out all those that are someone’s agenda dressed up as singular solutions in order to lure you in.

Internal minimalism – remove the clutter.

And relax. No singular solutions needed. The world may be complex and nuanced, ever changing with place, time and situation, yet you can simply respond to it as it comes.  It’s an adventure.



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