5 January 2017 – What is Weak?

The witch doctor in yesterday’s story seemed a bit harsh did he not? Even if the rain did subsequently come when he said (how did he do that?), he left the village calling the chief ‘weak’. The chief had done everything he knew to bring the rain. He had all the people of the village perform the rain bringing rituals, and when that hadn’t worked he had the inspiration that they should all perform the rituals in unison to try to make them more powerful. He was then willing to admit defeat and gamble on the witch doctor being able to do something.

So why call such a man ‘weak’? Harvard Business School should be writing him up as a role model: the leader who tries all the conventional remedies and when that doesn’t work is prepared to think outside the box, subjugate his own ego, and put his credibility on the line to deliver a new solution that hits the target in short order.

The witch doctor called him weak because the chief could not see. The witch doctor called him weak because ritual is blind. Ritual without interior sight is nothing. Interiority is strength, exteriority is weak.

Have you ever been convinced that something relatively unlikely was going to happen and then it did? How did that make you feel? Slightly spooky I expect, but also powerful. “I knew that was going to happen, even if you couldn’t see it.”


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